8 mais utilizaçõa de containers para escolas

8 mais utilizaçõa de containers para escolas

Schools often have  a tight budget and shipping containers can prove to be an economic solution.  The fact that shipping containers are made from strong, weather resistant corten steel make them ideal for a number of purposes.   Add to this that they are by their very construction extremely strong and secure, as well as easily transportable they are ideally suited for the school environment.

The eight most popular uses for shipping containers in Schools are:-

  1. Providing additional storage for items such as chairs, sports equipment etc in all sizes from 10ft to 40ft
  2. Shipping Container Conversions can make great classrooms at about a third of the cost of traditional buiding methods
  3. Changing rooms can be made from 20ft containers and sited next to the sports field
  4. Cycle stores made from used containers
  5. Insulated shipping containers are often used to house musical instruments and additional computer equipment
  6. Recycling/rubbish collection areas
  7. After school clubs/common rooms can be made as a shipping container conversion and are frequently sited in the school car parking area
  8. Chemical stores made from 10ft shipping containers

There are, of course, special considerations to be taken into account when buying and siting a shipping container in school grounds.   Not least of these is the need for health and safety which is why it is often worth asking the supplier of the container to deliver it at a time to suit the school timetable.   Most will be able to offer time slots early in the morning before the students arrive or whilst lessons are going on.

20ft shipping container conversion20ft shipping container conversion