10 rasões de porque utilizar um container como a sua casa

10 rasões de porque utilizar um container como a sua casa

There has been a rise in the number of people that use shipping containers to make houses and other community buildings.   Architects have started designing more projects that rely on shipping container conversions for prestigious sites.

But why should you choose a shipping container as the basis for your building?

  1. Shipping Containers are readily available with over a million being released by shipping lines each year
  2. They are ecologically friendly – you would be giving something that is essentially an industrial waste product a new lease of life
  3. Shipping containers are weather resistant being made out of corten steel and having water resistant seams and 27mm marine plywood floors
  4. They can be quickly assembled on site
  5. 20ft and 40ft shipping containers can be combined to make larger units quickly and easily
  6. They are structurally very strong – shipping containers are used to support concrete bridges in states such as Utah
  7. Shipping Container conversions can used other recycled materials such as windows and doors
  8. The containers have a good fire resistance rating
  9. The fact that containers are designed for transportation means that they are easy to get onto most sites
  10. On average a shipping container home is 20-50% cheaper than a conventional construction project

In our next post we will look at some shipping container building projects to see just how well containers can be converted and how visually appealing they can be.

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